Writing Camp Vision

by Kristina Callender, LICSW

 Proceeds for my book sales will be used to open a writing retreat camp for story lovers ages 12-17.        

  I plan to obtain a secluded naturally beautiful property in the Pacific Northwest and provide ecologically friendly and comfortable camping amenities.  As a social worker I am committed to making the camp fully accessible to people of all abilities and financial means.  

Retreats that T.I.E.

As the camp director I am dedicated  to provide, along with other Pacific Northwest guest authors,  educational activities designed for aspiring writers and publishers. Each moment in retreat is an opportunity to Teach, Inspire, Entertain and connect with others who are considering a career in literature. 

Help Support the Camp

I welcome ideas and resources to help make the young writers' camp vision a reality. Please contact me if you have any suggestions or ability to participate in the development. Writers and artists interested in volunteering at the retreat in Western WA please contact me. 

Kristina Callender, LICSW 

Want to receive camp updates?

 Please send me your email with camp in subject line to: