Books that T. I.E. by Kristina Callender

          Seeking publication for Rainforest Promises: Chris in Costa Rica, a middle-grade debut STEM series with a gender-neutral main character.   

          Predators, poachers, and promising specimens make Chris’s first scientific expedition thrilling! 


         The adventure begins during the first week of summer break when Biologist Jade Park takes her just turned twelve-year-old, Chris, to Costa Rica while she volunteers to teach graduate students to collect specimens for cancer vaccine research.  When Jade’s friend, Professor Sara Clark, never makes it to the airport, the five graduate students agree to proceed on the expedition with Dr. Jade and star student Sam taking the lead. Chris promises to not get in the way of science and solves the first of many problems the group encounters in their week together before they even depart. Chris is determined to bring back relief for Grandma Lily’s chronic itching.


        The Wildlife Center lodge director Ana, an aspiring doctor, hosts the University group.  José, a longtime volunteer responsible for the new nursery for orphaned birds, teaches Chris how to care for the trio of adolescent toucans and protect them from poachers.  Chris learns how to be a steward of the rainforest and its natural resources. Chris discovers native friends, amazing critters and abundant life that is diverse and interconnected.