Author / Story Lover


The real me

I have a passion for a good story and love to both read and listen to books. As a healthcare professional (counselor/ social worker), I am honored to hear individual life stories and challenges each work day for about twenty years. I find inspiration in people and nature everyday. Now I am online and ready to connect the stories that T.I.E. the threads of our lives together. 

 My favorite stories teach, inspire and most importantly entertain. I struggle when a favorite book ends and I miss characters that I really connected with mentally. Do you know what I mean?   


Things I love

Stories, nature, swimming, dogs, music, breathing & kids

I hope you also love my recent vision to produce children books that teach, inspire, entertain and FUND a serene and green camp. I would love to direct a writers retreat for story lovers ages 12-17 within sixty miles of Seattle, where I love to live and explore.